'Bundles with Attitude'

Bundles recently launched and achieved x20 from presale and x100 from all time low to all time high. It’s a great concept but we feel it could be improved with some changes and added benefits.

What is Bundles?

Bundles is an innovative staking platform that pits stakers against each other to see who has the best crypto prediction and Transactional analysis skills. Winners gain tokens from losers. 

What is DarkBundles?

DarkBundles takes the best elements of Bundles and adds a Degenerate Defi twist to feed your inner Ape! Furthermore, we have a roadmap that expands upon the Bundles concept with NFTs and other Defi staking platform partnerships.

Stakers choose a cryptocurrency they predict will have the best performance over the next 24 hours. All these predictions are compared and each token staked is then ranked and a reward or loss determined. You will be able to see your performance in comparison to everyone else at all times!


We will be launching the DarkBundles presale through unilock.network

Recent presales via ‘Direct payment to deployer address’ or on Bounce have been susceptible to rugs. Unilock is a sales platform that requires the token sale deployer to confirm the level of liquidity to be locked and for how long. Once the sale is complete, anyone from the team or community is free to then deploy the locked liquidity. We will be locking 120 ETH and 240000 $DBUND for 6 months.
Presale sold out!


Improved Reward Pools

Dark Pool

Staking period: 24 hours
Time to stake: 12 hours
Max win: 9% / Max loss: 10%
Staking details:
  • Top 10% of predictions +9% (10 minus 10% Developer fee)
  • 10–20% +7.2% (8% minus 10% Developer fee)
  • 20–30% +5.4% (6% minus 10% Developer fee)
  • 30–40% +3.6% (4% minus 10% Developer fee)
  • 40–60% NEUTRAL
  • 60–70% -4%
  • 70–80% -6%
  • 80–90% -8%
  • 90–100% -10%

DegenDark Pool

Staking period: 24 hours
Time to stake: 12 hours
Max win: 49.5.% / Max loss: 50%
Staking details:
  • Top 10% of predictions +49.5% (50% minus 0.5% Developer fee)
  • 10–20% +37.125% (37.5% minus 0.375% Developer fee)
  • 20–30% +24.75% (25% minus 0.25% Developer fee)
  • 30–40% +12.375% (12.5% minus 0.125% Developer fee)
  • 40–60% NEUTRAL
  • 60–70% -12.5%
  • 70–80% -25%
  • 80–90% -37.5%
  • 90–100% -50%


December 2020

December 2020

  • Presale
  • Uniswap listing
  • Transaction fee reward pool build up
  • Audit
  • Marketing of platform launch
December 2020
January 2021

January 2021

  • Platform launch
  • 2 initial pools for $DBUND holders
  • Introduction of governance mechanism to choose new coins and new pools
  • Coingecko listing
  • Coin Market Cap listing
January 2021
February 2021

February 2021

  • Launch of fixed entry fee pools with a fixed $DBUND fee to enter and the winner receiving all rewards. 
  • Launch of first pools for other Ethereum tokens to enter. We are designing a solution so that different coins could enter the same pool and the value of each entry to be calculated.
February 2021
March 2021

March 2021

  • Partnerships with other staking platforms to license DarkBundles Pools on their dapps.
  • NFT partnerships with NFT providers for winners of the pools
March 2021

Airdrop ​

We are airdropping 6666 $DBUND to 10 lucky winners. Applications need to be received by 29th December 1pm UTC. We will choose winners who give the best answers as to how they can help Dark Bundles grow! You must join our Telegram Group and follow us on Twitter

Winners will receive their $DBUND on the 3rd January at 1pm UTC.